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Main Products


Category Price range Capability Mode MOQ Selling points
TAC polarized lens $0.80-2.00 300000 pcs/month Order 600 pcs Polarized
CR-39 lens $0.80-2.00 200000 pcs/month Order 1000 pcs Fashion
TRX LENS $0.85-3.00 200000 pcs/month Order 500 pcs Anti-blue light
Photochromic lens $1.00-2.50 300000 pcs/month Order 500 pcs photochromic
Anti-Blue light lens $1.50-3.00 100000 pcs/month Order 300 pcs Anti-blue light
Production Capability

Total employees: 500 person

Factory area: 6000 sq.m

Order mode: OEM

Production line: LAMINATION

Annual production: 18000000 pcs/year

R&D Capability

Developers: 10 person

New models: 50 models/month

Main Market
Northern America
Western Europe
Southern Europe

Top1: Western Europe

Top2: Southern Europe

Top3: Northern America

QC Capability

Inspectors: 30 Person

Testing Laboratory

Standard: AS/NZS 1067.2,EN ISO 12312-1:2013(A1:2015)
  • AS/NZS 10767.2
  • EN ISO 12312-1:2013(A1:2015)
Team Culture
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