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Display and Packing

Category Price range Capability Mode MOQ Selling points
Glasses case $1.00-2.00 10000 pcs/month Order 1000 pcs protect glasses
Cabinet display $50.00-200.00 10000 pcs/month Order 100 pcs easy bring glasses
Floor display $100.00-300.00 10000 pcs/month Order 10 pcs show in the shop
Glasses cloth $0.10-0.50 10000 pcs/month Order 1000 pcs cleanning lens
Glasses pouch $0.30-1.00 10000 pcs/month Order 1000 pcs
R&D Capability
Main Market
Northern America
Western Europe
Southern Asia

Top1: Western Europe

Top2: Northern America

Top3: Southern Asia

QC Capability

Inspectors: 2 Person

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