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Main Products

Display and Packing

Category Price range Capability Mode MOQ Selling points
Glasses pouch $0.10-0.35 500000 pcs/month Order 500 pcs Fashion,Retro,Vogue
Glasses case $0.60-1.50 500000 pcs/month Order 500 pcs Fashion,Retro,Vogue
Glasses cloth $0.05-0.35 500000 pcs/month Order 500 pcs Fashion,Vogue,Do not fade
Glasses rope $0.05-2.00 1000000 pcs/month Order 500 pcs Fashion,Vogue,Adjustable
Production Capability

Total employees: 300 person

Factory area: 10000 sq.m

Order mode: ODM

Production line: Microfiber

Annual production: 120000000 pcs/year

Main Market
Northern America
Southern America
Western Europe

Top1: Northern America

Top2: Southern America

Top3: Western Europe

QC Capability

Inspectors: 9 Person

Testing Laboratory

Standard: Other
Team Culture
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